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Micropterix mansuetella

Black-headed Gold

Family: Micropterigidae

RES: 1.002 B&F: 2

Verification Grade (Adult):

Rare in Kent. Only a handful of records in total and only five from this century, from Hoad’s Wood (near Ashford) and Church Wood, Blean, where several hundred were observed. 
Targeted daytime searches in May could prove fruitful in finding new localities.

Adult has distinctive metallic ground colour with black head tufts.

Habitat: Frequents wet woodland, carrs, fens and marshes.

Flight Season: May and June

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Distribution in Kent

The map below shows the distribution of records of Micropterix mansuetella (Black-headed Gold) within Kent. Use the control below to show data for a certain time period. If you've got a dot to add, please submit your records to us. Click here for more information on how to submit data.

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The graph below shows at which time of the year Micropterix mansuetella (Black-headed Gold) can be expected to be recorded in Kent. Hover over the graph to see exact figures for each period of the year, and use the controls below to filter by VC and time span:

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Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of Micropterix mansuetella (Black-headed Gold) images from Kent. If you would like to contribute any photographs, please email

Reporting Rate

The graph below shows how the number of records submitted Micropterix mansuetella (Black-headed Gold) to the Kent database has varied since 1950. Hover over the graph to see exact figures for each year, and use the control below to filter by a certain VC.

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